Friday, 12 August 2011

Nike Free Run the City

What would it look like if you took all the data in NYC from Nike+ and mapped the runs over a year...what would that look like?

Lots of running round in circles through Central Park? Lots of Westside Highway runs? Bridge runs? Yeah...all of the above

Nike+ City Runs from yesyesno on Vimeo.

YesYesNo do an amazing job with these dynamic it, then realise that speed and run consistency are part of these paintings so watch it again

Nike are doing so many good things with data these days, how long before they use data like this to build a breakthrough social commerce strategy?

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bike Fixation

This comes straight from Autoblog Green - great idea!

Bicycles are incredibly efficient transportation tools, right? They're also a blast to ride. Well, they're a blast unless you get a flat tire and realize you've forgotten your repair kit. That's where Bike Fixtation comes in. If you happen to "break down" close to one of these, you'll be all set no matter what time it is.

Bike Fixtation offers self-service kiosks on an extended-hours basis. The vending machines offer tubes, patch kits, use of adjustment tools and even access to a pump to fill up your tires. Each self-service Bike Fixtation kiosk features:

Universal bike mounting system for on-site repairs
Aircraft cable tethered bicycle repair tools
Self-contained tire-inflation system compatible with presta and schrader valves
Snacks and beverages

Bike Fixtation kiosks are rare. In fact, they're so rare that only one (located in the Uptown Transit Station in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN metropolitan area) exists in the U.S. However, Bike Fixtation inventors Chad De Baker and Alex Anderson are trying to pitch the cyclists' dream vending machine to cities, organizations and individuals across the nation. Pair these up with some carsharing and public transportation offerings, and you've got yourself quite the non-traditional mobility options.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I sincerely hope this is not a sign of the future. Specifically for @MrStevePayne

There is a lot of work to be done before the robot starts putting a break together and stops fouling (check out 2.14) but given that this robot can pot balls at a success rate of 80% its not too long before we will all have to graduate to darts

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Angry Birds Live

The people in this are too attractive and having too much fun for this to be the real deal - but then again, it's an ad and i love it!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Move over Big Data

Yeah I have got to say it, I am over 'Big Data' - Over. It.

I've heard the stories of 1 zetabyte of data being created every nanosecond at the intersection of business, social and location-based services. Still, aren't we missing the point?

'Big Data' and the second and third comings of IBM hadooping everything (yes it is now officially a verb) is being hailed as the next opportunity for business advantage but we still need to redux that data to identify the critical insight that will generate business value from it. Most analytic players today are living in a world of Analytics 1.0, its now remiss of us if we don't invent Analytics 2.0

Analytics 2.0 is the ability to spot patterns or outliers in transactional, behavioural and contextual data at lightning speed with high agility to make a change in your business and out-smart the competition.

The critical thing about this, in my mind, is that the window of opportunity to act on this information is short and decreases in value the longer it takes to capitalize on it. If you go to St Louis or Boston you can find High Frequency Trading companies that buy and sell large quantities of stock on the NYSE. The average time they hold that stock is seven seconds! At that frequency it's not about predicting outcomes its about jumping on outliers and gaining advantage from them

The way we are looking at this today is by capturing and analyzing data from potentially an unlimited number of sources. Some of that is highly structured from old-school databases like sales and customer profiles but augmented with live click-streams from websites and also Facebook feeds which are completely unstructured.

The trick and the opportunity is to conduct the analysis iteratively and act on it immediately rather than at predefined points in time. That phenomenon will kill the traditional ways of working and the legions of smart people who work in boutique agency shops unless they get with the 2.0 program

Sunday, 22 May 2011

First the sex tape…

This is so simple yet so perfect, the best street art makes you look, then look again. It also helps to selflessly steal from popular culture and make you think. I love the way they documented this

First the sex tape…

Thursday, 19 May 2011


I don't care for Gaga and I have never gone near Farmville but you still have to admire the lady - she is bigger and better than marketing

Unless you live under a rock or a huge compound in Pakistan Born This Way is Lady Gaga's new album and she is making this launch bigger than ever.

Not only does she own Facebook and Twitter (10 million followers baby), Zynga has 250 million players a month. Imagine the effort it would take to reach that many people in the 'real world'

It's also so consistent with her brand, she takes risks, viral and her whole set up is the idea of being different, a loner...she unites loners like bored Farmville players

That got me thinking about the money: When you look at Zynga, they make money out of transactions...think about the revenue stream of spiked leather jackets for your sheep and limited edition artwork for your barn

Pure genius