Monday, 4 January 2010

For 2010 I want a......

First day back in the office, what to work on this year?

Working in a media agency you hear all that talk of '360', 'holistic' and 'integrated media'. As an industry we have been banging on about it forever. We are doing a really great job of building brand plans these days (some of our packaged goods campaigns have 40% TV and 25% digital) One thing that concerns me is that against this backdrop of a changing way people live their lives and every dollar counting clients are looking for more and more 'proof'

I suppose on one hand the consumers now find more things to do with the same amount of time as technology as enabled getting stuff done faster but the proof that it works from a measurement perspective still looks prehistoric despite all the accountable, 'digital' activity going on.

We did a really good thing about 18 months ago; we scrapped our digital department but it still seems like marketing generally is bogged down in individual channel silos....there's a digital client, with his social expert who hires a 'social' agency (kill me) and they come in with 'here's a Facebook strategy and I can give you a bucketload of data to prove while this Facebook strategy is a good thing'. Don't get me wrong, the clients and the specialists are excited about the future; it just seems so damn complicated

So what I wish for in 2010 is that big network agencies like ours take all that data we have been integrating on consumer response and build a story of it, a story that explains how people are living their life and what they really do, because even in a world of infinite choice, people still work in patterns and patterns are predictable. That's my job for 2010...what's yours?

Happy new year everyone

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