Thursday, 7 October 2010

Behind the game?

Remember when Nintendo was the daddy of gaming? It wasn't so long ago after all, it launched the DS Lite and phenomenal Wii and changed gaming forever. It wasn't just technology that Nintendo had the edge on; it was that they opened up gaming to a whole new that wasn't in a dark boys bedroom surrounded by pizza boxes and coke cans. Didn't Nintendo create social gaming?

So how come they halved their full year income forecast last year? Sure, the Yen is strong and they won't launch the 3DS until after Christmas...but halved?!

It does seem that Nintendo has missed out on the two emerging trends of convergence (iphone and iPad) and online social gaming (FarmVille)

Facebook has half a billion friends and the iPhone looks unstoppable, I saw Microsoft's Kinect Last week that looks like the home entertainment system that the PS3 wanted to be.....where does Mario go from here?

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